Flights & Attachments

Flights and Special Attachments

Flight Clips

Standard Angle Flight

Underside of Belt with Attached Flight Clip

Flight Clips

  • Available in both plated steel and T-304 stainless steel
  • Will fit all belt mesh sizes for both standard and heavy-duty belts, except NNH3 belts
  • Can be supplied with a flat head bolt, hex nut, and lock washer
  • True ½" x ½" clips supplied with allen head screw and should be tack welded to the flight clip
  • Narrow-width sprocket-driven belts may not be available for use with flight clips due to lack of belt drive openings

Lane Dividers

Edge Guards



  • Can be used with Keystone flat wire belts for moving parts or material on an incline
  • Custom flights can be fabricated on special order and attached to the belt by flight clip or by welding

Pin-Up Attachments

Roof-Top Attachments

Tab Style Flight

Special Attachments

  • Can include edge guards and attachments to raise products above belt
  • Can be custom-made for special/odd applications

Conveyor Belting                



TruKey® Shafting     

-Standard Duty Clinched Selvage Belting
-Standard Duty Welded Selvage Belting
-Heavy Duty Welded Selvage Belting
-Heavy Duty Clinched Selvage Belting
-Key-Turn Heavy Duty Radius Belting
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